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    Pipe Coating Augusta

    When you experience ongoing cracks and leaks in your home’s plumbing system, your mind begins to fill with all of the horror stories you’ve heard. Thoughts of water damage, the growth of toxic black mold, and expensive repairs make it hard to think. Fortunately, the only name that you need to remember at during those stressful times is TDS Trenchless. Give us a call at (706) 854-8288 at anytime of day or night.

    How it Works

    While the pipe coating process might sound complicated, it is actually a very simple and safe process as long as it is done by a professional such as the licensed plumbers at TDS Trenchless. First, the pipes to be coated are isolated from the rest of the plumbing system and drained. Next, they are dried using heat, which helps to loosen any corrosion and debris in the pipes. Our cleaning process uses grit that is blown through the pipes to remove any debris that is still adhered to the pipe walls. Once the pipes are clean and dry, the epoxy is inserted using high-pressure air and then left to cure. The final step is a quality control inspection using a tiny camera to view the entire interior wall surface of the pipe. Once the inspection is completed, the water is turned back on, and your water pipes are leak-free.


    Frequently asked questions about our pipe coating service.

    Internal pipe coating is a process that allows the pros at TDS Trenchless to repair your leaking water pipes without the destructive process that many plumbers use. Rather than opening walls and floors to get to the leaking pipes, our techs inject a two-part epoxy product into the pipes. The resin is blown through the pipes with air to coat the inside surface of the entire pipe, including fittings and joints. This coating fills in small cracks, pinholes, and leaks that were damaging your home.

    Epoxy is a coating that is made by combining two components. The first part is the resin, and the second is the curing agent. When mixed together, they form a thick liquid that will soon harden or cure to form a solid coating or lining inside a pipe. Epoxy is also used in other applications for waterproofing or coating things like concrete, countertops, metal, boats, cars, and even roofing.

    When the epoxy is mixed, and still in its liquid state, it is blown through all of the pipes in your Augusta home using filtered and pressurized air. The thick liquid coats the inside of the pipes and fills in any small defects in the pipe. The high-pressure air helps to smooth the thick epoxy evenly and completely throughout the pipes. Once the process is completed, the water remains off while the coating cures. This curing process can require a few hours to a day, depending on the job's scope.

    Because the epoxy material is installed on the inside of the water lines, it does reduce the interior size of the pipe. But that decrease is very minimal once the coating cures. The average pipe will be reduced by only a few millimeters. And this slight variance is not enough to noticeably decrease your water pressure or the capacity of your home's water lines.

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    More Than Leak Repair

    One of the most impressive benefits of using the epoxy coating is that repairing any leaks is just one function of the material. The layer serves as a barrier between your metal plumbing pipes and any corrosive elements in your water, such as minerals or chemicals. Once your water pipes are lined with epoxy, they will no longer continue to corrode and break down. This means no future leaks for you to worry about.

    In essence, you are re-waterproofing the inside of the pipes in your home rather than the expensive process of replacing them. And you will be happy to know that the epoxy coating that we use is estimated to last for between 50 and 80 years!


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