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    Cured In Place Pipe Repair (CIPP) Augusta

    If your home or business has fallen victim to a damaged pipe that is inaccessible or buried underground, we can help. Our pipe repair experts provide a trenchless alternative to the costly and destructive process of traditional pipe replacement.

    When you discover a leaking or deteriorating sewer or drain line, call in the experts with over 35 years of experience in evaluating & repairing broken pipes. Dial 706-607-6588 today for a free, no-obligation estimate or to learn more about our non-invasive Cured In Place Pipe Repair process (CIPP).

    We have built our reputation as the go-to trenchless pipe repair experts in Augusta by offering fair and affordable pricing, high-quality workmanship, and a full warranty on everything that we do.

    We have built our reputation as the go-to trenchless pipe repair experts in Augusta by offering fair and affordable pricing, high-quality workmanship, and a full warranty on everything that we do. So call us at 706-607-6588 as soon as you notice the problem, and we will provide you with proven and cost-effective solutions.

    Frequently asked questions about our Cured In Place Pipe Repair services.

    Cured In Place Pipe Repair (CIPP) is a cost-effective solution to repairing a buried drain or sewer pipe without the need for massive excavation. Our clients appreciate that we are not digging up their entire property and destroying expensive landscapes or paved surfaces. And that also helps to keep the cost of the repair far more reasonable.

    The process of CIPP uses a resin-coated tube to create a solid liner inside the damaged pipe. In many cases, the liner tube is inserted into the pipe using a piece of equipment called an inverter. High-pressure air is used to expand the liner and allow it to adhere to the inside of the damaged pipe. Once the resin dries, the pipe is leak-free and functions precisely as the original pipe had, prior to the leak issues.

    The CIPP process is not new. While many homeowners may not be aware of this pipe repair solution, it has been used in commercial applications for decades. This means that we can look at the longevity & durability of CIPP repairs across those applications and determine that in many cases CIPP has been found to last as long as 50 years. It is worth noting that the key to the longevity & efficacy of Cured In Place Pipe repairs depends heavily on the experience and skill of the installers.

    The first step in deciding if CIPP is the best pipe repair option for your situation is evaluating your pipe(s) from the inside.

    To accomplish this task we insert a specialized sewer line camera directly into the pipe. 

    Our "eye-in-the-pipe" as we call it, is quick & easy way to fully understand the cause & extent of the damage and make an informed recommendation for the repair.

    The two most common processes for CIPP installation are inversion and pull through. As you might expect, the pull-through process pulls the liner from one access point to another, and then it is inflated by a bladder. This forces the resin-soaked liner to adhere to the damaged pipe. Once the liner is cured, the bladder is deflated and removed. The second process is called inversion. It involves rolling out the liner inside the damaged pipe using air or water to uncoil it. The air or water remains inside the liner to keep it in contact with the wall of the damaged pipe until it cured and is fused to the interior of the old pipe.

    Prior to either of these installation processes, the old damaged pipe must be carefully cleaned. Water jetting, sandblasting, or other mechanical cleaning processes are used to remove any rust, corrosion, or build-up inside the pipe. This cleaning process is critical to the success of the liner installation and bonding. And this is one of the areas of focus of our technicians that sets us apart from many other CIPP companies in the Augusta area.

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